Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ugh Mosquitos

Mosquitos! When did their bite start hurting? What happened to the little sting that I could feel almost immediately and the short term itching? My time in the garden would be much more pleasant if I didn't have to deal with them. Early mornings are great for avoiding them but I have already mentioned my aversion to rising and entering the garden too early. So I slather on the Skin So Soft. Yes, Avon Skin So Soft. Someone told me years ago that the bath oil works as a mosiquito repellent and I have used it ever since. It seems to do the job and since I do not particularly like to put on bug repellent it is a great substitute. I put it on so thick that I am not sure if it is the smell, the ingredients, or the inability of the mosquito to break through the oily barrier that actually deters them. Whatever it is it seems to work for me.

I am sure that mosquitos serve some purpose in our universe. I can think of some reasons for ther existence but I have to press myself to think of these as a benefit.

~GG in the house

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