Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Riddle

Riddle me this. What grows in your garden with little rain or much, sun or shade, fertile soil or rock, or the absence of planted seeds? You've guessed it! It makes me want to say "It's not fair". My son's teacher tells her students that a fair is a place where you buy a pig and sell a pie! She is right of course. Life is 'not fair'.

I should get used to the fact that I must work to get a beautiful garden and flowers worthy of being cut and given away. I must water the plants regularly (or try). Carefully plant them in the proper location for that particular plant - shade or sun. Treat my soil so that it is fertile and discard rocks, pine straw or any obstruction to growth. Pray that animals and insects will stay away fromthe leaves and that they will grow to maturity. And wait!

However to get a weed to grow in my garden all I have to do is...Nothing. Torrential rain or drought, weeds grow. Scorching sun or lack of sunshine and weeds grow. Fertile soil, rock, pine straw or ground cover, weeds grow. Being trampled by neighborhood pets will still not deter weeds to grow.

Actually given all the conditions in which weeds grow all I have to do to encourage growth is... Nothing! Neglect to put down ground cover AND pull weeds regularly AND spray weed killer and I am inviting weeds into my garden. That was my choice and as of earlier today my garden looked like this:

After SIX hours of weeding and trying to determine what was a weed versus an a planted seedling, I will be mulching the bed tomorrow!

~GG in the house

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